If you want to transform your life you will have to know why!
The strength of the motivation will determine the success rate of the transformation.

Here is my why.

From my perspective, I live in a world of aliens, running around, doing stuff and a lot of talking.
I have tried to fit in, but I just don't. It's not my world, I have no position in it.
My world is a beautiful planet, with caring people. A world teaming with life, endless possibilities and brilliant creations that multiply the possibilities of life. Being alive on this amazing planet is a beautiful gift and I want to Live It, I want to deeply enjoy it and learn my way to deeper fulfilment.

I decide choose life in that direction.


Because my personal love for life is passionately crying.
My inner life is so rich so inspired, but I never shared it with anyone. And I try, just like everyone else, to find a place in society where I can do my part of the running, but still I don't get it.
In October 2019, during financially troubling times, I got goose bumps when a sentence came to me: "My inner richess is equal to my financial poverty."
When I said that to a friend in Sweden in Januari 2020, she said I have to do something with it, that I had to find a way to share these thoughts.

In March 2020 I subscribed to an online academy where they teach how to build an online income as a job.
There I learned how you to set up a digital system to earn money online based on blogging, vlogging, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, advertising, ... with practical training and a behind-the-walls community of fellow students from all over the world.

So I know how to setup such a system and I know where to go for further intuition.


In October 2020 I got diagnosed ASD & ADHD with a high but highly disharmonious IQ. I was 45 at the moment.
During the explanation of the diagnose the doctor recommended a self-employment lifestyle. I should have enough intelligence to organise it and it would allow me to operate from within "my own world" which lies a bit further apart from society because of my diagnose.

The most direct effect of my diagnose was that I shouldn't be ashamed to ask for help. Help was needed indeed. I was financially at the end of a dead end street, without any reserves. I had already sold my car, a beatiful guitar and more.
So I went for help and that lead me to bankruptcy, which was an great relief! It stopped the bills from coming in.

Due to my bankruptcy I have a social security income for 1 year.
That's my window.

That, all of it, is my why.

and this:

3 weeks ago I got sick in the weekend. I thought it would pass on monday, but it got worse. Thursday I went to the doctor, because the fever grew slowly and a few days later I started feeling better.
But my energy and lust were gone.
While my wife and doughter were away, shopping, I was at home with my dear son, but I felt totally depressed. I could do nothing but crying in the couch. I felt totally miserable. As if my life had come to an end without a chance to get better.
My son was of course worried and called his mother and sister several times saying I had a terrible headache.
The next day went slightly better, but still, today I'm not yet 100% ok.
It started getting better some days ago, after 2 coaching sessions which inspired me to start working on my online income lifestyle.

that's also why.

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