Power has a smiling face

Strange that it took me almost 45 years and a burn-out to fully realise that I am not living my own life!. Do you recognise this? Are you trying to fit in, just like me? Do you feel restless, unease, questioning yourself? Do you wonder what’s wrong with you?
No? Then you probably shouldn’t be here. Please continue your day, this is a place for weirdo’s. Weirdo’s with deep inner life. Wanderers, thinkers, dreamers, believers, Utopians, Atlantians, Lemurians and the likes.

who’s life are you leading?

I think it’s time to stand up. To take our lives in our own hands and to make it happen. There is no one to blame but the one in the mirror. Yeah, others are more “lucky” to be born more fitting in society, true. Good for them if they enjoy the 9 to 5 ratrace. But what did you get in return? So much inner wealth. Deep insights, emotions, connections, a form of truth that they will never understand. Aren’t you tired of trying to explain your self?

I realise that when I’m in touch with other weirdos. The I don’t need to explain myself, then we lift each other to a higher level, then time stands still and the here and the now is so bright and tangible that the feeling of being alive sometimes gets emotional. There is no way to explain that these moments are right and true. They are.

I’m in a period of turning my back to energy takers. Not with vengeance or heavy hearted, but with love and self care. Not always easy. Especially when close people are involved. This hurts. On both sides. But it creates space in the mind.

You know these eternal inner discussions with people you like but disagree with? That’s losing energy big time! Most of the time the inner discussions are much worse than the real conversations. Last year I trained in recognising these inner discussions ASAP and then realising I am doing this myself and that at that moment I am attracting conflict. So I stop it right away. It’s really not hard to do.

Life is what we make of it.

And yes, it’s true, the path of the weirdo is a lonely and frustrating one, but if you are a weirdo, deep down you know very well what you (can) get in return. Life at its deepest levels. You know that there is true fulfilment around the corner, but that will only come when we stand up. When the Phoenix rises from the ashes. When we let go the weight of the world.

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Power has a smiling face

There is nothing more important than to be accountable. Don’t play the blaming game. It’s so easy to do that, but that brings you down. Blame will never help you, it stops you from going forward.

Expect nothing but the best from yourself and you will get it. I can’t stop, I want to shake you awake. I want to open your eyes and as you know, every time I say you, I’m preaching towards myself. I’ve been preached to way too many in my childhood and still it doesn’t stop. People who want the best for me always tell me how wrong I am. It makes me sick. But not anymore.

It’s not a matter of protection, it’s a matter of shining. No defending, but smiling. Power comes from inner peace. Power comes from silence. Power has a smiling face. Confident and compassionate.

Rise and shine!

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