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Power has a smiling face

Door PJArdies | mei 1, 2020

Strange that it took me almost 45 years and a burn-out to fully realise that I am not living my own life!. Do you recognise this? Are you trying to fit in, just like me? Do you feel restless, unease, questioning yourself? Do you wonder what’s wrong with you?No? Then you probably shouldn’t be here. …

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A smarter way to fund your best life

Door PJArdies | april 23, 2020

I have tried to fit in for decades. It didn’t work. Finally found the way to take and make my position in this society. My goal (and maybe yours) of a life of freedom is just one skill away: knowing how to leverage the internet. I am so convinced that I want and will spread …

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What are we doing here on this planet?

Door PJArdies | april 9, 2020

This is a very personal message to you. I know. We don’t know each other, but still, we do. You and me, we are both human beings living on planet earth in the year 2020. We are connected with each other through this huge computer network called the internet and blablabla. What I want to …

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