What are we doing here on this planet?

This is a very personal message to you.

I know. We don’t know each other, but still, we do.

You and me, we are both human beings living on planet earth in the year 2020. We are connected with each other through this huge computer network called the internet and blablabla.

What I want to tell you is this.

I believe in you. I want you to shine, I want you to live high, because I know you can.

What are we doing here on this planet?

When I look around me I don’t get it. Really!

What is going on?

We walk around, following silly rules, made by long forgotten silly people. Chasing money.

We don’t have to do this.

We are golden. We can shine in a way I hope you can imagine.

I know you, because I’m human too and I was lucky enough to experience life so immensely close to me I couldn’t believe how real it was. A moment of enlightenment. Kundalini awakening, unveiling of chi, prana, the visit of the holy spirit, there’s many names for it.

I used to believe stuff. From that moment on that stopped, because I could change the believing for knowing and that feels mighty powerful.

Do you recognise this? You had the same experience?

Write me! We need to get in touch!

You don’t recognise it? How do you feel about it? I want to know. Because I want to help you to wake up. I want to help the world waking up. We need to get to the point of no return, the critical mass has to be reached to change our lives for good.

It’s time we end this ancient way of living.

I go to fast maybe, probably. I’d rather stay with you. Close to you. I want to reach out. If you want the world to change, please let me know. I would be so fulfilled, so blessed if I could help make a change.

I’m fed up with working for a career. I’m fed up with chasing money.

I did a lot of exciting things. I had a “great” life. But it is so meaningless if it’s not divine, because that’s what we are, You and Me, we are divine creatures, in our bodies the gods are asleep in peace.

Time to wake up, time to stir the pot.

Time for a change.

Together we can change the world.






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