Theory Of Everything 12 Dimensions Model pt2

This is a series about the quest for that simple theory that could explain everything. Together we build a conceptual story of creation.

Dimension 1, 2 and 3

After having defined dimension 0 in part 1, we are set on a path of building up reality starting with math and more precisely, geometry. Since Euclid defined the foundations of geometry 2300 years ago, we don’t have to do that anymore. Yet, I will add some ideas like the masculine and feminine take on it. So in this article we will cover Dimensions 1, 2 and 3 and draw some crucial conclusions.

Arrogance disclaimers

  1. It feels weird writing about the holy unfound grail of the ultimate science, being physics. Like putting myself on a pedestal. I don’t know if I have found something of importance, I see it as an exercise. If I’m right or wrong doesn’t matter much to me. That’s why I’m sharing it, to get some feedback. On the other hand I don’t want to be falsely modest neither. I am really excited about this and IF this would be beneficial for any sort of evolution in thinking, of course I would be somehow proud. After 20 years this feels like a legacy thing that needs to get out, preferably without pinning myself.
  2. Another thing is that it feels more like receiving information as opposed to coming up with it. We are receivers, we can translate what we receive, but I don’t think we (or at least I) come up with stuff. Original people are people that are open to receive, rather than brain workers. The brain work is the translation, not the initial idea that comes in a split second. The art is to hold that and translate it into language (art, text, music, image, movement, concept, …).

D(imension)1: installation of duality

A short reminder, in the previous post we defined D0 as a dot as the only existing concept in the very beginning of creation. So that dot doesn’t exist in space, time, energy, matter, …

So after having determined D0 as an infinitely small dot as the first step to creation of this concept, this abstraction of reality, what is the next possible thing to do?

  1. The most obvious, the Euclidean take is to create another. So now we have 2 points. Together they immediately define an infinite line, crossing both dots. It is infinite in both directions.
  2. The other option is to imagine the only possible thing that that dot could “do” in that infinitely small piece of space it resides in. Any idea? It could rotate! Of course it can’t, because rotation takes time and that’s something that we haven’t invented yet (time is D4). But the idea, the concept of rotation is possible within infinitely small dot-space. What happens when that concept is installed? A rotation axis emerges! infinitely long in 2 directions. The exact same line, determined in a different way.

So I took 2 angles to get to the same result, and from now on I will do that for every next step. I’ll call it the masculine and the feminine angle. Duality is hereby installed and can be detected in several ways:

  1. The first dimension has 2 directions
  2. The masculine way of proceeding needs an out-of-the-box angle, while the feminine way doesn’t
  3. Feminine is circular, masculine is linear
  4. there is a sense of continuity if you look at the feminine side: it’s not a matter of dots, it’s an axis, a concept, no discontinuity imaginable
  5. There is a sense of discontinuity if you look at the masculine side: it is a collection of an infinite amount of singular dots.

Intermission: science

Shout out to Annemai Mutso who sent me this video. Where is science in this whole quest? In the beginning, 20 years ago I did my research, but after that, I continued my own story because it felt like something else. This vide here is very nice, though, I am really excited that conscience has finally entered the building. Watching this I don’t feel surpassed, overruled or less relevant. It’s just different.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of recognition, like the discontinuity that is found in the masculine principle. What is probably totally different in my model is the definition of a dimension.

D2 The plane

So now we’re set. Dimension 2 is as Euclid stated the plane. And he used the masuline take to define it:

  1. MASCULINE: If you define a dot outside D1, a single plane is defined. A plane contains an infinite amount of directions.
  2. FEMININE: if you distort D1, the line in the slightest way, immediately a circle is formed! Any other distortion will be more complex and will need more than 1 distortion. And of course every circle defines a plane. That idea hit me while I was thinking about this and it was triggered by this strange or alternative definition of a line I found: a line is a circle with the midpoint at infinity.

The remarkable thing about this feminine step is that PI comes into play. PI and the golden ratio are. Whether they are discovered by an intelligent being or not, that doesn’t matter. They just are. There’s a clue, I think why they speak about sacred geometry. Somehow it is higher, or more fundamental than (human) intelligence or consciousness.

So we have a plane as our second found dimension. How infinite the plane may be, it takes an infinitely small amount of space, because it is made from infinite small dots, so the layer that the plane is, is infinitely thin. It is hard for us to imagine a planar universe, because we see and feel all the space around it and we can’t undo that sight or feeling. We may conceptually agree that it isn’t there, but, let’s be honest, how can we think away space?

D3 Space, the final frontier?

This next step is somewhat the same as the previous one:

  1. MASCULINE: Create a dot outside the plane and the space is defined.
  2. FEMININE: distort the plane in the slightest, most simple way, and a ball is formed, defining space.

And now, for the first time we ave the feeling that it is finally ‘full’. Unlike the previous steps it is impossible to imagine a piece of space outside the space, because it is infinite in all directions. There are no 2 spaces possible!

That doesn’t mean that we are at the end of the story, because, remember, all we got is empty space. No time, no light or matter so definitely no life forms of any kind, unless you could geometry consider a form of life.

So in order to continue we need to be creative, we need to get out of the box, we need a sort of quantum leap. Luckily the next step isn’t a hard one to take, because we all know that time is the fourth dimension. So instead of inventing something new, we can examine the relationship between dimension 3 and 4, and this is particularly interesting, because a pattern begins to emerge.

But before we continue with dimension 4 let’s look back, let’s see the pattern

Intermediate Conclusions

D0, the dot, the number one was a singular unit containing the infinite amount of numbers mathematics can produce. It’s not only the foundation of mathematics, it’s also the infinite and singular result of it. The ultimate confirmation of creation.

In 3 steps, a linear, a planar and a spatial step we have come to some conclusion, a fulfilment, a state where we need to get out of in order to continue. And we can’t continue before we see the singularity instead of the fullness. Just like with D0 that contains all the products of mathematics.

D3 is not only an infinite, but also a singular space. It is singular because there is no room available beside the infinite space.

  1. We start with a singular unit that contains an infinite amount of data
  2. an impulse generates a linear expansion
  3. a routine makes the expansion planar and
  4. is completed as a singular infinite spacial whole

These steps will repeat as a pattern and will provide clues to take every next step.

See you soon!

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