Theory Of Everything 12 Dimensions Model pt1

A simple theory that explains everything

While reading a small book “Einstein: My theory”, I stumbled upon the ultimate goal of physics: a simple theory that explains everything. Since it needs to be simple I was willing to take the challenge and try to build such a theory. It resulted in a sort of framework, a 12 dimensional cosmos.

Of course I’m not claiming to have found something, I just took it step by step and slowly the ideas came. Inspiration has never been a problem for me. But after twenty years, … I can’t sit on this egg forever. I’m very curious what sort of discussion this will generate (if any).

I’m not a scientist whatsoever, but I’m interested in many things. The miracle of life is the ultimate topic.

I’m very much inspired by Nassim Haramein, a self-made scientist who dares to think out of the box. Just like bright thinkers before him he is for a big part rejected by science, but I can easily imagine how in the near future he will be seen as the next Einstein. I started following him in the spring of 2011 and I was very surprised how his story parallels mine when it comes to his childhood relationship with x°=1. It’s a sort of ultimate dream to present him these ideas that came to me and discuss them.

The sort inspiration he brought me was not about the theory, but about the fact that we don’t need to rely on science, we are allowed to think for our selves. It’s OK what they are doing, science is great but the idea that nothing is true unless science has approved it is basically childish! Thinks that are scientifically proven today will be dismissed tomorrow, and things that aren’t scientific today will be tomorrow. Why? Because it has never been otherwise, at least as long as official science exists.


Every once in a while I read a book about what scientists are working on when it comes to quantum physics and this hole quest for deeper understanding. And I must say that although I don’t fully understand them (I’m not really into equations), they still disappoint me. I’m probably short sighted, but actually, I think it’s the other way around.

Disclaimer 1: I want to be challenged, please refute anything with your reasoning.

Disclaimer 2: I don’t know the scientific agenda, maybe they are not looking for that theory anymore…

They are so specialised that they don’t dare to go out of their box. They follow a path and don’t look left or right.

geometry, mathematics, volume
Where are we?

The most fundamental thing that I miss in physics is that there seems to be no explanation for life itself! Consciousness, love, thoughts, ideas, emotions…

A good friend of mine compared it with a television. Let’s say that our society disappears and we have to start all over again. Everything is lost and we go living like animals or hunter gatherers again. In 1000 years someone finds… a TV set. If they examine it good enough they might be able to reconstruct the working of it. An electrical device to receive signals and translate these signals into sound and moving image at a rate of 25/50/100Hz BUT NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO RECONSTRUCT ONE SINGLE TV SHOW!

Still, to us a TV only matters because of the show we can watch!

Our lives are about stories, but none of these stories seems imbedded in science.

So, why don’t we try? Are you up for it?

Here we go!

Let’s get started. A good start is crucial, therefore we need to understand what we are looking for: a simple theory that explains everything.

What is a theory? Stop reading further and look it up, or make your own definition.

This one I found on google: “a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.

This is what Wikipedia says: “theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking about a phenomenon, or the results of such thinking.

This is the one I worked with: a theory is an abstraction or reality. I’m happy with this one. Are you?

Next question: What is the most fundamental abstraction?

This seems like an important question to me because the theory needs to be simple, so it may not be build on difficult or complex equations. We need to start at the very basis. The most fundamental seed of our thinking.

the most fundamental abstraction

I don’t think there’s a lot room for arguing here. The most fundamental form of abstraction is mathematics. It’s a sort of meta science. No other science can be developed without it.

But math can get damn complex as we know (or don’t want to know), so here too, we need to get to the bottom. What is the most fundamental building block of math? Is there one single element with which we can build the whole science of math, without exception?

YES, even better, it has been written down already? You know what it is? If not think or read the above paragraph again.

One it is. Ask any computer. All it does is processing ones and zeros.

One as opposed to zero. One means YES, something exists. One is the confirmation of anything, the confirmation of the cosmos.

One or zero, to be or not to be.

Houston, we have a starting point!

Hold your horses, we need to refine just a little bit more to continue. One is written like that: ONE or like that: 1. That’s too complex. We need to start with the simplest seed possible. Not based on language or other agreed syntax.

So how can 1 be represented in its most fundamental way? Any idea?

discovery space shuttle, launch, mission


There it is.

A dot.


We are set for launch

Before I leave you with this riddle, I want to elaborate a little more and share an insight that hit me like lightning.

The setup of this journey is to build a theory that explains everything, starting with a dot. A sort of creation story. That’s how I have taken it. So in the beginning there is nothing, then there is a dot, and what’s next? That’s the direction of the journey.

OK, let’s be crystal clear on this. If you want to work on this remember that we have ONLY a dot. That means that for now, nothing else exists. No space around it, no time, no energy, no matter, no nothing in the whole non existing universe, we still need to build that.

And then it hit me!


When I was a boy in the math (I loved math) class I was told that x°=1. When I asked the teacher why I got no real answer. I had to accept it. Like an axioma. But I didn’t like that. There had to be an explanation. 20 years later I saw the answer:


x, meaning, any number math can produce.

°, projected in the dimension with the number zero

=1 returns 1 as a result

That 1 IS OUR DOT! Of course. With the creation of our starting point, our dot, we have created Dimension 0. Anything projected in it will result in 1 because there is nothing else.

Alright, so that’s it for now. I know, this is no rocket science. Wasn’t it Euclides who wrote about this stuff 2300 years ago?

I’m curious about your thoughts on this. I would love to discuss it and read your thoughts. And I’m very curious to read how you build it from here.

So start thinking, researching if you want, and comment!

Reminder: what is our goal here?

Befor I leave you with your homework, I want to remind you that we are looking for a theory of everything! Meaning EVERYTHING.

Every thought, every single memory of anyone ever lived, every dream, every emotion and feeling. Every concept like countries, laws and language, EVERYTHING. Quarks, strings, music and electric guitars. Films, news, books and cherry pies. Big bangs, gentle touches and the love for each other. Everything qua.


When I started this quest 20 years ago I stumbled upon the Greek philosopher Anaximander. At that time there was very few to find about the man and he doesn’t seem to be so known, but he got my attention. While his colleagues were arguing that the basic building block of the universe was water or fire, he said that it was infinity!

I very much agreed with him and I intuitively knew that there is a giant clue to be found in the concept of infinity.

I’ll be back, I love it!

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