This is not just a picture.

September 2020. It was day 13 and I had cycled well over 1000km. I just left the most empowering meeting with my mentor Philip and I was riding along a canal. I was listening to music. No particular playlist, a general shuffle.

I don't know if I told you before that I love guitar music. I've been a DJ in the 90's and grunge was my trademark. I feel energised listening to the guitars of the nineties.

BASKET CASE by Green Day came up. I had a "yeah baby!!!" feeling and pushed the pedals a bit harder, which is pure joy with a body in shape.

On my right hand side there was a seagull flying above the canal and he looked at me. Several times. We looked each other in the eyes. I felt real connection. I pushed harder and started a sort of time trial. The seagull adjusted his pace and we went together, watching each other and the road/route.

It was an amazing feeling, totally energised by the music. That bird stayed with me till the song was over!

This was a moment of ultimate freedom to me. Although this picture is a stock picture, it brings me back to that magical ride.

Freedom, the movie, my movie

By the end of 2010 I was fed up with the rat race. Daily traffic jams while listening to news drove me crazy and I started listening to podcasts with my longtime hero Graham Hancock.

I got inspired by his passionate talks and felt the urge to meet him. After he gave away his email address, I contacted him. One step lead to the other and before I knew it, I started a long journey which would result in the making of my first film "Freedom".

The films tells the quest of a fictional character, in search of the deeper meaning of Freedom.

It is a 12 chapter journey, inspired on the signs of the zodiac.

Each chapter of the film takes exactly 360 seconds and the film is filled with references and numbers.

10 years later

I feel I failed as a documentary maker. I couldn't make a living of it. I didn't really try.
I failed to make a living producing commercial video productions too.
I managed to get by by becoming a drone instructor, but then I failed as a founding entrepreneur. I couldn't get the company make money soon enough.

January 2021. The local court declared my bankruptcy and made an end to my self-employment.

All my life I've been getting compliments for many talents, but I didn't manage them in a way to become successful in anything. Then I got diagnose ASD and ADHD at the age of 45. In the meantime my IQ was tested and I scored 129 with a particular disharmonious profile, meaning my scores vary a lot.

I finally see now that I have underestimated my weaknesses. I need to learn things where other people don't. Easy social functions don't come easy to me, which is a big deal when you go selling your own products and services.

So there's my new window to Freedom. The diagnose taught me that I don't need to be ashamed to ask for help.
Last year I took the brilliant decision to become a member of an online marketing academy. It brought me insight and techniques to make an online living.
The lifestyle that perfectly fits me. The window to freedom.

I hope I will be able to inspire you. I want to expand your mind.
In service of the truth.

Because ultimately, the truth is the only thing that can set anyone free.

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