Astrology as the bridge between math and life

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This is my introduction to the way I see and use astrology, the ancient discipline that occurs to me as the bridge between life and math. This idea is not something I read somewhere, it is my conclusion after 20 years of study. This is the first time I share this with the intention of starting a conversation with you. So please, with sugar on top, challenge me!

How it began

In the year 2000 at 25, after a sequence of coincidences I got in contact with astrology. I was not a believer, but open-minded, and the subject was put on my path firmly, so I subscribed for an astrology course.

After a few lessons it amazed me how astrology is this toolset of signs, houses and planets that can describe anything. Everything. Literally. From the tiniest thought or emotion to the construction plan of a building. From political and social concepts to the details of biology and chemistry. Not considering the predictable aspect of it, I stuck with the descriptive aspect.

I couldn’t understand why psychology didn’t don’t make use of astrological terms, because it would make things so much easier. Psychology was one discipline in my study as a journalist, so I had notions of different streams and ideas. Great thinkers come with terms and then create a new stream, different from the rest. All on their own island, they try to describe the same subject: the human mind. 

Quantity & quality

The arrogance of science wiped out the whole astrology thing and invited new ways of looking at things and in this way completely disregarding what came before.

Still, what I found out is that the astrological way of thinking (I see it as a language) is many times more intelligent than the fragmented, specialized way scientists take on the subject.

The big difference between psychology and more straight forward science like chemistry of physics is that it is not easily quantifiable. We don’t put numbers on emotions, ideas or relationships and if we do, we interpret them as being very subjective and unreliable.

Quantizing stuff is handy as we know. We learned a machine to process 1 and 0, called it a computer and look what we can do with it!

The basics building blocks

Astrology offers similar basics. There are 12 signs comprising 4 elements (fire, earth, air and water) and 3 directions (cardinal, persistent and double).

We build the four elements on 2 polarities: cold/warm and wet/dry

Add to that light/dark and up/down and you have what I call the prime factors of the cosmos.

My proposition is the next: learn a computer to work with these 4 polarities and the 3 directions (instead of 1 and 0) and it will understand human life better than we do.

Astrology is not about stars!

Another insight is that astrology has nothing to do with the stars! The stars are only a fixed backdrop on which we projected the movement of the sun, the moon and the planets. Planets look very much like stars.

The 12 signs of the zodiac are nothing more or less than a qualitative description of a wave. And that is the clue to a deeper understanding of life.

About waves and frequencies

The most interesting bond we have with waves is to find in music (all our senses are wave sensors). Thanks through music we discovered over- and undertones. When 2 waves move in harmony with each other they create other waves! That principle doesn’t stop at the borders of what is audible to our ears, it’s a natural behaviour of waves!

Science is very much specialized in counting frequencies, in counting waves, they explain almost everything with frequencies. Astrology adds quality, it talks about the qualities of the 12 different segments that every wave has. By considering very long wave lengths like one per day (rotation of the earth), one per year (earth around the sun) or 280 years (approximate circulation of Pluto), it is much more appropriate to talk about quality instead of quantity.That’s why

I call astrology the bridge between life and math. I consider this my life work and I hope it will be my legacy. Apart from my astrology teacher (who became one of my best friends) I don’t know people who I can have a challenging conversation with on this topic. Most of the time people are not interested and other times they are very interested, but not able to challenge me. I don’t want or need this all to be the truth, but I want to elaborate on it, I want to work from here.

It is one of my ultimate goals to meet and discuss with Nassim Haramein. If you don’t know him and if you have an interest in quantum physics, black holes or the bridge between science and philosophy or religion, I can warmly recommend this bright man.

Again I have a feeling of making a fool of myself by posting this. Maybe it’s over the top, maybe it’s not clear enough (I can talk for weeks on this subject), but I need to break free and this place feels go to set the next step.



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