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This is not just a picture.

It was day 13 and I had cycled well over 1000km. I just left the most empowering meeting with my mentor Philip and I was riding along a canal. I was listening to music. No particular playlist, a general shuffle.

I don't know if I told you before that I love guitar music. I've been a DJ in the 90's and grunge was my trademark. I feel energised listening to the guitars of the nineties.

BASKET CASE by Green Day came up. I had a "yeah baby!!!" feeling and pushed the pedals a bit harder, which is pure joy with a body in shape.

On my right hand side there was a seagull flying above the canal and he looked at me. Several times. We looked each other in the eyes. I felt real connection. I pushed harder and started a sort of time trial. The seagull adjusted his pace and we went together, watching each other and the road/route.

It was an amazing feeling, totally energised by the music. That bird stayed with me till the song was over!

This was a moment of ultimate freedom to me. Although this picture is a stock picture, it brings me back to that magical ride.

Freedom, the movie, my movie

By the end of 2010 I was fed up with the rat race. Daily traffic jams while listening to news drove me crazy and I started listening to podcasts with my longtime hero Graham Hancock.

I got inspired by his passionate talks and felt the urge to meet him. After he gave away his email address, I contacted him. One step lead to the other and before I knew it, I started a long journey which would result in the making of my first film "Freedom".

The films tells the quest of a fictional character, in search of the deeper meaning of Freedom.

It is a 12 chapter journey, inspired on the signs of the zodiac.

Each chapter of the film takes exactly 360 seconds and the film is filled with references and numbers.

The sequel will be titled "Frequency" and will tell a 12 step story of creation. It will exactly mirror "Freedom".

It is my intention to fund this second film by living this new freedom lifestyle. The first one was funded by my godfather.

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