Writer, Entrepreneur, Online Marketeer, Filmmaker, Drone & Video Instructor

easily bored,
a multidisciplinist.
techniques (drone, video, music, designing things)
existential need to share inner life.

This might be confusing in wat I have to offer.
Here I just share my self.

PJ Ardies


20-02-1975. Born.
At school I was something between a joker, a rebel and a good boy with high grades.
1982, joined boyscouts and didn't leave for 20 years. I was a social animal, a beast, Playful Gibbon was my given totem name.
1990 I started as a DJ. In 10 years I did somewhere between 400 an 500 parties. They were wild.
I became the problem child of my parents because I naturally refused to do my best.
At the age of 23 I attended a lot of meetings every week and I got fed up by seeing how ego's hindered getting our common goals. I decided to become a creative and went editing for TV.
2000 I quit my job as an editor and became self employed. I was easily bored.
2010 I started making my own movie after getting 250000€ for nothing. daughter born
2012 son born
2015 I became drone instructor out of need.
2018 CEO of drone pilot service company
2019 personal crash/crisis, lost job
2020 lost, broke but still inspired




In 1999 I got my first job as a video editor for TV. A year later I quit and went freelancing.

As I'm easily bored, I did it all. Directing, scriptwriting, filming, producing, ... But my expertise is most definitely postproduction. Editing, special effects, animating, color grading, titles, music, ...

From 2010 to 2012 I made an experimental documentary, titled Freedom, are you a freedom seeker? One of the best adventures in my life!


In 2014 I bought my first drone. When the legislation followed I stood at the side of the drone pioneers in Belgium.

For 2 years I've been working as a licensed drone instructor, teaching aspiring drone pilots how to operate a drone.

After that I started a service company for pro drone pilots.

My log counts more than 3000 professional flights.


"My life occurs in my head for 80%" is a quote that I've been using since puberty.

While recovering from my burn-out in 2019 another one was added: "My inner wealth is proportional to my financial poverty."

This sentence came to me like a stroke of lightning. I realised then I need to get out with my ideas, with my writings.

And here they are!


In 2020 I stumbled upon a training company, specialised in online and affiliate marketing. Although I was a bit sceptical at first, I soon discovered that this is the missing link in my life.

Multiple income streams, freedom, knowing how to market yourself and your activities, and above all, the amazing opportunity in a fast growing online economy.

After a bad burn-out and a longtime downward spiral, this is my life-vest!

Drone Cinematography for everybody

Community of Free open minds



Ultimate guide for drone pilot

Online course pro drone video



Film: "Frequency"

Book: "Prime factors of the cosmos"

Book: "Mooncycling"




Being Accountable




My personal mission is to help raising consciousness by restoring the balance between the masculine and the feminine.


We are about to enter a new era. Not just another step in evolution, but the most fundamental shift in at least 12 600 years*.

When a critical mass has been reached, the whole world population will reach another level of consciousness and have consious access to the 12th dimension.

This has been described in the Bible and more recently by Israel Regardie (The Tree Of Life, 1937) and by many visionaries like scientist Nassim Haramein.

*The end of the last ice age, when the world wide sea level raised with about 80 meters.

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