A smarter way to fund your best life

I have tried to fit in for decades. It didn’t work. Finally found the way to take and make my position in this society. My goal (and maybe yours) of a life of freedom is just one skill away: knowing how to leverage the internet.

I am so convinced that I want and will spread this message. If you think of me as a hard-sell-all-in-for-the-money type of guy no, please don’t read further.

Where I come from

My name is PJ and i’m a creative all-rounder. I’ve been freelancing for TV and other video productions, I’m a drone instructor, was CEO of a drone pilot service company, I was a DJ for many years, I love playing music, photography, writing, reading, travelling, and although I have so far made a living out of creative occupations, it never satisfied me.

I’ve always been very ambitious and since childhood I know I will make it somehow, I will have an amazing life. And my life has been a great adventure so far, but financially it has been one long downward spiral.

I probably shouldn’t say this openly, but I have spent about 500.000€ that I didn’t earn myself. Gifts and loans from friends and family that I never asked for. I should be grateful for it (and I am) but it didn’t help me to become self sufficient. On the contrary. At the age of 45 I’m basically broke and bored.


Last year I crashed with a burn-out and a deep existential crisis. I lost my CEO job in my self-founded company, I was forced to leave because I failed as a leader and I was officially incapacitated for over 6 months.

When I was able to work again I tried starting up new activities, but it just didn’t work out, so I ended up looking for a job on the market. For the first time in 21 years.  After 2 months of looking and applying for a job still nothing.

Having 2 kids (aged 7 and 9) my self-esteem wasn’t really high and I ran out of money. I sold a nice guitar and 7 golden coins that I had been saving.

Invest in yourself (if you want to get what you want)

During my burn-out period I have researched a lot on personal growth and productivity. What stuck with me are 2 things:

  1. the difference between assets and liabilities is the difference between being in control and being controlled. https://youtu.be/TcNpoc-lF0M
  2. The best investment is investing in your self!!! In your own growth.

Ironically, I have received so much money in my life, but never consciously invested it in myself. Now I have lost all my credits (I broke temporarily with my parents and brothers, another long story) I have finally found where I should have been investing in!

Then I stumbled on this online training centre. I never react to adverts -I have doing video publicity for many years and hate them- but somehow this one made sense to me. There is so much money flowing to people doing online marketing (youtube hero’s, affiliate marketeers, ad space, online courses, blogging,…). Nowadays if you have a following, you can monetise that.

So I went for it and started this very elaborate and most valuable training program.

Online economy thrives in times of crisis

Then came corona. Honestly, I like the lockdown. It feels like I was in lockdown anyway. Like the world just followed me. What do people do now?

  • Online work
  • Online meetings
  • Online shopping
  • Looking for alternative ways of income

The money is where the people are, right?

Besides, traditional advertising doesn’t work anymore, people trust real people instead of campaigns, therefore, companies spend less money on campaigns, but install affiliate programs instead. I was baffled to see that for almost any kind of product there are affiliate programs available!

But it’s not just about affiliate marketing…

Online skills are most wanted

Now that I’m in training I look at communication and websites with a different view. I see how companies are leaving behind opportunities, how they lack the digital skills. On the other hand I recognise the marketeers and see how well spread this is. I understand these high view rates on social media and Youtube a lot better now.

For the first time in a very long period I feel slowly empowered again. I know I can help people and companies with my new skills and I don’t even have to do a lot to monetise that. Basically the only thing to do is to point them in a direction of which I KNOW they will be well served. No pushing, no begging.

Only that, pointing people in a direction they WILL love is enough to make a very nice income.

Online skills able you to pivot

And that’s just the beginning. Helping people in a very simple way (after having understood and installed a complex set-up) is not the goal, it’s the basic skill.

Once you know that, nothing stops you from promoting your own products, services, thoughts, creations, stories, tutorials, … just from your laptop.

If something doesn’t work anymore, if crisis strikes, if you get bored, the same skills can be applied on any other product, service, market, …

Freedom at last…

The reason why I got into this is because I desperately need a way to generate income. A way that suits me.

Now I’m only in this training program for a month and my vision has grown way beyond the money!. I can totally free myself. And although the set-up isn’t easy, it’s not a magical formula, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, it is  to me the ultimate way to freedom.

How long have we been to school? For what? To find a job and do what is been told? Hopefully for a nice salary… Is that freedom?

Not to me!, this new skill will help me to free myself, live from a laptop with internet connection and be as creative as I want.


My ultimate goal is to get a global following so that if I’m travelling the world I can connect with local people that know me. Individually and on stage, because I love to entertain. Then I will write books, make music and films, these are my ‘old skills’. They don’t need to sell, they just need to generate traffic. Basically I can offer it for free, as long as I reach enough people!!

This is my freedom picture. My packed bike, my favourite way to walk the earth. Although at the bottom of my career and finances, I felt rich when I travelled like this in the transforming summer of 2019.


So am I rich now?


I’m about to sell my car in order to survive and to continue my training, but I have never been more confident. My goal is to start making online money within a month. My first goal is 250$ earnings by June first. By the end of the year my monthly income will be 20.000$. I know, it’s a bold statement, and it took me a while before I wrote it down. I didn’t dare. But I know I can make this happen.


financial, planning, report

It’s not magic. It’s just a matter of doing the work. Until now I only had or knew a few pieces of the puzzle. Now it’s here in front of me. No magic, just a pile of work to take on step by step. Accountability is a big thing. If i have dreams in my head, they fade away. If i write them down for myself it gets forgotten, but if I publish it I make myself accountable.

If I will make let’s say 10 000$ by the end of the year, then you can say I didn’t get my goal, but still, nice done! If you don’t hear from me anymore, then I have made a fool of myself. Accountability.

I will be 100% open about this.

I will not only share my goal here, but also in the community I’m in and in the weekly mastermind group that I have set up. The work is not magical, but if you share it with others, and if you make yourself accountable, miracles do happen.

You are very welcome to follow the journey, here on the blog and on my Youtube Channel.

I’ll share my financial month-by-month goals and screen shots of my bank account with my subscribers. 

PS. If you are like me and looking for a more freedom lifestyle, you might want to check out the training I’m following. No need to worry, you won’t be asked for money before you are well informed and even if you pay there is a guaranteed money back policy.

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