Pieter-Jan ARDIES

Author blessed with ASD & ADHD

A different vision on the same world


1 Year To Transform My Life


After many years of turbulence in a life that didn't seem to fit me, I got diagnosed ASD (autism) & ADHD at the age of 45.

I eventually realised that I have kept my best talents for myself. Decades long, I have created a world of ideas about the world and the cosmos but I never shared them, which broadened the gap between me and the world around me. I realise now that is typically autistic.

In 2021, life has given me a one year opportunity to transform my life into something that is truly mine.

This website is one of the vehicles that will drive my freedom lifestyle. From here, I will share my ideas, plans, progressions with people like you.

My goal is to generate an online income by the end of januari 2022.

Follow me to know more about my what, why, how and who, which I call the 4 fundamental questions.


My Mission Is To Express My Unique View On Life


20-02-1975. Born.
At school I was something between a joker, a rebel and a good boy with high grades.
Always the leader.
1982, joined boyscouts and didn't leave for 20 years. I was a social animal, a beast, Playful Gibbon was my given totem name.
1990 I started as a DJ. In 10 years I did somewhere between 400 an 500 parties. They were wild.

At the age of 23, I got fed up with the many meetings every week where ego's hindered us to reach our common goals.
I decided to become a creative and went editing for TV.

2000 freelance video editor.
2010 I started making my first movie.
daughter born
2012 corporate video an animation
son born
2015 drone pilot & instructor
2018 Founder of drone pilot service company
2019 personal crash/crisis, lost job, lost self...
2020 Diagnosed Autism & ADHD
2021 Transformation



The Prime Factors Of The Cosmos

Theory Of Everything

Crypto Currencies




I Ching

Nineties Music




Ancient History

The Ark Of The Covenant

Video editing

Online Income Lifestyle


Theory Of Everything

In 2000 I learned that the Holy Grail of physics is the quest for the one theory that unites all others.
The idea triggered me.
21 years later it is time to share these ideas.


I never was a believer when it comes to astrology. I coincidentially stumbled on it. I was lucky enough to get the best teaching and the best books right from the start.
Astrology gave me insight to understand life on a deeper level.

Ancient History

Who are we?
The classical story of our history never really made sense to me.
I lived an amazing adventure in books, dreams and travels that lead me to deeper insight.


Mooncycling is my gift to the world.
It is the natural technique to restore the balance in life.



I was gifted with inspiration.
Everyday I have new ideas.
Mostly I keep them for myself.

Here is where I plant my seeds.
Consistency needed.

The Work

"My life occurs in my head for 80%" is a quote that I've been using since puberty.

While recovering from my burn-out in 2019 another one was added: "My inner wealth is proportional to my financial poverty."

This sentence came to me like a stroke of lightning. I realised then I need to get out with my ideas.


I have always felt better in front of people than between them. As leader in the boyscouts, in school, as a DJ, teacher or performer, I love to talk standing.
Yet I chose a lonesome-cowboy-behind-the-scenes-freelance career.

I needed to let go a fundamental shame. I may allow myself to be who and how I am.


We are about to enter a new era. Not just another step in evolution, but the most fundamental shift in at least 12 600 years*.
Will we continue to make our complex world more complex?
Or will we finally grow up and use our amazing technology wisely, so we can live a more balanced lifestyle?
I see a world in which the technology truly serves humanity, freed from the chains that are a consequence of the global monetary system.

*The end of the last ice age, when the world wide sea level raised with about 80 meters.