Pieter-Jan ARDIES

Fire Of Light - Restoring The Balance



2120-02-1975. Born.
At school I was something between a joker, a rebel and a good boy with high grades.
Always the leader.
1982, joined boyscouts and didn't leave for 20 years. I was a social animal, a beast, Playful Gibbon was my given totem name.
1990 I started as a DJ. In 10 years I did somewhere between 400 an 500 parties. They were wild.

At the age of 23, I got fed up with the many meetings every week where ego's hindered us to reach our common goals.
I decided to become a creative and went editing for TV.

2000 freelance video editor.
2010 I started making my first movie.
daughter born
2012 corporate video an animation
son born
2015 drone pilot & instructor
2018 CEO of drone pilot service company
2019 personal crash/crisis, lost job, lost self...
2020 Diagnosed Autism & ADHD
2021 FireWorker



If there is one thing that I am not modest about, it is my skills and deep understanding of video editing.
From storytelling with editing to color grading, animation, special effects, sound design and cutting techniques.
During the many years I worked for television, I was so much into all aspects the craft of video editing that I was often consulted by other editors, directors, producers, sound engineers, ...

When I discovered that programming was possible within video editing software I was very much triggered by the idea of automating video postprocessing procedures.


Teaching is something that came natural to me. Already as a boyscout leader I liked to be on the other side ot the group.

In 2014 I bought my first drone. When the legislation followed I stood at the side of the drone pioneers in Belgium.

For 2 years I've been working as a licensed drone instructor, teaching aspiring drone pilots how to operate a drone.


From 2010 to 2012 I made an experimental documentary, titled Freedom, are you a freedom seeker? One of the best adventures in my life!

The more I controlled the craft of videoproduction, the more I got interested in storytelling. A video is a message. Always.
That is what needs to be at the core of any video production.


In 2020 I stumbled upon a training company, specialised in online and affiliate marketing. Although I was a bit sceptical at first, I soon discovered that this is the missing link in my life.

Multiple income streams, knowing how to market yourself, products, services, and the amazing opportunity in a fast growing, crisis-proof online economy.

After a bad burn-out and a longtime downward spiral, this came as my life-vest.
The light at the end of a long and dark tunnel!

passionate about


To my surprise I discovered that people people mostly considered my opinion different and sometimes inspiring.
I knew that for myself already because I naturally disagree most of the time with people. That's why I'm quiet most of the time. I don't want to disturb.

But when people purposely started asking for my opinion I understood the gift.

I want to serve.

self knowledge/Autism

"My life occurs in my head for 80%" is a quote that I've been using since puberty.

While recovering from my burn-out in 2019 another one was added: "My inner wealth is proportional to my financial poverty."

This sentence came to me like a stroke of lightning. I realised then I need to get out with my ideas.

At the age of 45 my being different was confirmed by the diagnose of autism (ASS) and ADHD.

Finally I could pinpoint my weaknesses and start working on or around them.


I have always felt better in front of people than between them. As leader in the boyscouts, in school, as a DJ, teacher or performer, I love to talk standing.
Yet I chose a "lonesome cowboy" freelance career.

In 2018 I started my first company after having taught about 500 people how to fly a drone properly. A world opened in front of my eyes. I started seeing entrepreneurship as a new means for creativity and expression.

I like to call myself an automation entrepreneur.
Understanding workflows and procedures, optimising them and then automating. Machine learning / AI included.


Understanding people well, getting to the bottom of understanding.
This is what lights me up!

My goal is to reach ultimate user friendliness. This world is way too complex but we do have the solution to simplify things! Every procedure can be automated.

Let the machines deal with the complexity of our existence, so we can live our lives more naturally.

Service to humanity with respect to our nature.


Help restoring the natural balance between the feminine and the masculine.




Being Accountable




We are about to enter a new era. Not just another step in evolution, but the most fundamental shift in at least 12 600 years*.
Will we continue to make our complex world more complex?
Or will we finally grow up and use our amazing technology wisely, so we can live a more balanced lifestyle?
I see a world in which the technology truly serves humanity, freed from the chains that are a consequence of the global monetary system.

*The end of the last ice age, when the world wide sea level raised with about 80 meters.