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I was riding my bike and I was lost, some 220km and 3,5 days away from home. Packed with the bare necessities. I entered unwillingly the suburbs around The Hague (The Netherlands). I didn't want to be there. Distress. I needed the peace & freedom of nature because I was recovering of a bad burn-out.  I couldn't stand any stress.

Entering the suburbs I passed 3 men fighting on the street. It scared me. I got nervous. Entering the city of the Hague I was in distress and saw a big tree in the park. I went for a break under that tree to study the map.
A guy who was at first asleep asked me for money. I couldn't give anything (no budget trip). He asked me for a cigarette.
I had bought a pack on my first day of the trip. Sort of to celebrate freedom or something. Very soon I regretted that so I gave the guy my pack of cigarettes. I wanted to leave ASAP.

Half an hour later I was concentrating on following the numbered cycling route, listening to my music in the hope to get to my beloved nature again.
I had become so used to living in the outside. The fresh warm breeze, the birds, the joy of moving, breathing deeply, being now, no plans.

And then it happened.
I entered this gorgeous dune path, far away from traffic. It waved up-down, left-right over the vast dune landscape.

Freedom. Finally.

Just as I left-right swinged onto the path a new song started "are you lonesome tonight - Elvis - laugh version". The romance in the first part of the song swelled my joy and my passionate love for this beautiful peaceful piece of nature that I needed as much as a totally in love melancholic teenager needs his girl. The smile on my face grew by the idea that I arrived Home after a stressful day. This first part of the dunes was my cosy lazy couch corner.
A biker approached from the other side. While he passed me we crossed eyes with exactly the same smile on our faces. In this split second moment we were best friends. Buddies with a deep and rich story together.
I never saw him again, but it was a true friendship. One of my best friends ever.
I wouldn't even recognise the guy.

That was a perfect moment. Maybe the best of the year.

Yes indeed, I know, it's a long text for a first page on a website.

What's the point?
Where is this going?
Nowhere (masculine). Or to connection (feminine).

If you don't enjoy it, then don't read it.

Scroll up and read title again

Back home I felt like the batteries were loaded again and I could start the next phase of my recovery.

Since I've been self-employed for 20 years I didn't consider go finding a job. No. I still had time to get something started. Despite some opportunity I didn't want go back to the drone business as a pilot or instructor or entrepreneur because of the contract I had signed, but most of all because of my disappointment I wanted to stay as far as possible from a drone. A shame for all the beautiful relationships I had build there. That's the biggest lost.

But I had found my path!

I had finally realised that all this time as a video editor, as a video director and producer, as a video and drone instructor or as a founder of a start-up company I had denied the one simple fact that my true passion lies a lot deeper than applying techniques.
All this time I have -on the side- passionately been reading about the roots of our species, about astrology and I Ching, about Einstein, Cayce, Tesla, Steiner and many others.
And I tried to combine these techniques with my passion, taking 2 years time in the making of an experimental documentary but not being able to sell it properly and falling back to disappointing corporate video production. I couldn't go back to the more interesting TV work, because after moving twice I had a relationship, lived 2,5 hours away from the production companies and now had 2 kids that I like to see.
That's how I stumbled in the drone business. In search for something more rewarding. And that's how I got out: burn-out & broke.

So I planned on starting a business around my astrology and other knowledge. After all, now I had the experience of being an entrepreneur. The experience was extremely valuable, because our company (we were 3 stake holders) was selected for Startit@KBC, a platform that supports startup companies by providing co-working places, trainings, seminars and a list of 220 available mentors.
There I found my mentor Philip. It clicked. He saw me in a way I couldn't believe.
I was blood nervous on day 13 of my cycling tour. I had a meeting with mentor Philip. I was about to tell him that I want to go all in with astrology and more spiritual driven concepts.
Being a very neat high-profile marketing master with worldwide responsibilities in mega corporates like Sony and Dell, I couldn't believe that he would be open to that kind of concepts and that this nice talk would be the end of his mentorship.
But no!

He believed me and in me.

I felt empowered!

That was the end of August 2019.


31/12/2020 The last day of my official illness. The last day that I'm payed out this 1000€ supporting income.
I go to my parents to ask for an 11K loan.
That's not the greatest thing to do when you're 44 and already have spent 500 000€ in loans and gifts.

But I easily convinced myself, because although I have received all that money, I never asked for it. Even the loans I didn't ask for. It was always presented to me and I never resisted.
So I thought, I've never asked for a thing because I never had a plan, and that's why my career went south.
So now that I have a plan, all I need to do is go for a wel budgeted funding.
I went to my parents first, because I had promised. Once my dad has said (after I had gotten an unasked for loan from someone else) that if I never need money, I have to ask him first.
So that's what I did. I didn't expect him to loan me the money (he loaned me for a car a few years earlier) , but I had promised, and I know other wealthy people...
Didn't work out so well.

Although I love them, I broke up with parents and brothers for a while. Just because they bring me down, don't understand me and are convinced that I am totally not taking accountability in my life and should search for a job "like everybody else!".

So I started plan B. Monetizing my video skills. After 3 weeks I had it. Going nowhere. No passion. Trying to sell, not being me.

feb 2020

looking for a job.

march 2020

an ad on youtube on generating an online business. I never click on ads, but then I did.

The guy in the ad didn't appeal to me. A silent nerdish swedish guy. His introversy probably intrigued me. Why would such a guy try to rip me off? So I listened and left my mail address applying for this free video series he talked about.

That video series featured of course a guy with a Ferrari, but there was something about him. He seemed genuinly open. All he said made sense. I believed him.

And then he made an offer I couldn't refuse because of the money back guarantee which would leave me with a ton of free training in PDF form...

So there wasn't so much to loose. I couldn't find compelling scam proofs on google neither...

At first, the training was really neat, nicely sequenced in a step by step thing. Many hours of video and webinars, but good stuff!

Then came the technical part. Website set-up and all. All included the whole interface to build a world-class WordPress based site, way better than the Wix. platform I had use till then.

And then the icing on the cake: a community of many many like-minded people. We get to know each other thank to a 90 days video journey, where you train yourself to get confident in video format.

And that's where I'm now.

Very confident. Great training and a clear vision how I can use all my skills and passions to make a living.

That's what I'm sharing here.

Content & skills


the goal of this website is to get in touch with like minded people

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